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WinCare Pharmacy &
Compounding Centre

2501 Guelph Line, Unit 1
Burlington, Ontario L7M 2A3   
Phone: 905-332-2999
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Live Well with Pharmasave

Everyone at WinCare pharmacy is proud to serve the people of Burlington in the good old fashioned way. We know it is vital to keep up with technology and the latest advances in medicine, we just want to be sure that we don't lose touch with the traditional approach to health care we are known for. Some might call it an "old-fashioned touch". To us, it's just the way we do things around here.

Our pharmacists do more than fill your prescriptions. They take an active role in your care by working with your physician to ensure the best care possible. Our licensed pharmacists offer detailed information on medication consultations.

WinCare : Winning Hearts With Care

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